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Our Story started in 2012, When Pastor Christian and his family received a word from the Lord to pack everything and leave their country and go to Cape Town. Pastor Christian knew that this was the beginning of what the Lord had showed him in 2004 in a vision.

In that Vision he saw a big chain covering Africa, the chain was strongly tied around some pegs that were grounded on countries, some countries had much more pegs than others. Pastor Christian then received a message that from the south tip of Africa God will throw a big white stone that will split in small stones and everywhere on the continent where these stones will touch a link of the chain will be broken and there will be deliverance.
His passion for understanding and fighting Africa’s misfortunes with God’s kingdom principles  was reinforced.
On the March 15, 2015 he started a Home Group with come faithful brothers and sisters, to pray and get ready for what God wanted them to do.

On July 2, 2017, It was the grand opening Day of Envoy Church, a church that values diversity, training, and mission for spiritual and societal transformation. Envoy Church is a headquarter that trains God special envoys to the nations with the spcial message and love and transformation.

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Our Program

Church meetings

Sunday Service: 10 am to 12 pm at Lagoon Beach Hotel - Marine Suite Venue

Friday Prayer Night: 8pm to 10pm at Pinetree Claremont

Home Cell groups


Every Thursday 7pm to 8pm


Phone : +27 71 026 8091


Every Saturday 6pm to 7pm


Phone : +27 76 064 3724