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What is it all about?

How does it work?

You want to sell at the market

You want to make a difference in the community - visit the market

You want to support the Project - Donate or volunteer

What is it all about?

We believe that only love can change our communities, only love can never fail in our journey to a transformed South Africa. We were born to love and to be loved. Nothing else can better fulfill a human heart than true love.

The Albow Gardens Generosity Market is an extraordinary transformational and holistic project that aims at changing communities while reaching many transformational goals at the same time.
The life cycle of the project starts by explaining to participants how they can experience God's amazing love by surrendering their lives to Jesus-Christ in such a way that it becomes natural for them to share that same love around them.

The second step is to motivate participants to use their gifts and talents to give the best of themselves in making products, goods and services that they can sell at the Generosity Market.. We encourage them to be daring, to be creative and to stand out.
The third step is to encourage participants to use part of their profit to be a blessing to a cause or to someone, a neibourgh, a sick person , an elderly,  by showing them love with the fruit of their talents.

The last step is to get participants to share the experience of their generosity journey and embark new people in the same journey.

We believe that only love can change our communities, only love can never fail in the transformation process of South Africa. We were born to be loved and to share the love that we receive form God and from others.



How does it work?


I. You want to sell at the market


1. Book a table! 3 ways to do it you can fill in the online form by clicking here or call 0828587940 or download the pdf form here fill it in and drop it at flat G13 Albow Gardens (Nardus 0611719026 ) 
2. Participate at the mandatory preparatory meeting. The generosity market is first of all about using your God-given gift and sharing God's love around. Learn how to do it through selling the product of your gifted hands.
3. Let your talent shine: bake, knit, craft, sew, build, buy….THEN sell and make profit at the Generosity Market.
4. Do what you were born for! Show some love around you! Divide your profit by two, find a cause or  someone in need, think of any generosity action and use half of your profit toward that need
5. Tell us about your experience! Your story can change lives! how did you share love around you? how did you feel about it?
6. Make your experience last! The Generosity Market is just a trigger! Keep the flame alive, use your gift to shine, and keep on sharing God's love around you
7. Enjoy a better world

II. You want to make a difference in the community, in the country, in the world one life at a time: Come visit and buy from the Generosity market

Your participation will make a difference! Your purchase at the market will
1. Make a talent shine
2. Make a family become financially independent
3. Make someone able to Share love around them

Don't come alone! This project will only be success if we massively respond to the call to change our communities through love

Invite a friend – invite family – invite your colleagues

III. You want to support the Project

1. Your donation will be used to make the Generosity Market project a success
2. Donate now click here:

3. You want to volunteer: Contact Nardus 0611719026 or Charne 0828587940

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